Tips for Paper Drilling

Your Dürselen Paper Drill can process many different materials in perfect quality. Following a summary of our experience. There are some pre-conditions for clean results and to avoid drill bit breakage:
  • strong, solid paper drilling machine which ensures straight-lined and rectangular drill stroke movement
  • continuously variable stroke and spindle speed control
  • constant power transmission through the whole drill stroke
  • high-quality and sharp drill bits with interior diameter polished as smooth as possible
  • true running spindles (no wobbling)
  • drill bit cooling and lubrication

Basic rules for different applications:

  • small diameters -> higher revolutions, large diameters -> lower revolutions
  • strong material / high grammage -> slower stroke speed, thin materials / low grammage -> higher stroke speed
  • If the speeds are well chosen and the results are still not satisfactory it is usually helpful to reduce the pile height