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Our focus is on milling and boring. Furthermore we are also equipped for different other sorts of processing. We invite you to get to know more about our machinery on the following pages. 

If you want detailed information about our machinery, you can download our machinery list as pdf-document.




MTE traveling column machining center


Technical specifications:

  • x = 16000 mm, y = 3200 mm, z = 1500 mm
  • Automatic milling head - stepless -,
  • Automatic milling head - 2,5° x 2,5° -,
  • Milling heads - horizontal (drill spindle) Ø198mm, length 662mm -,
  • Adapter angle milling head - 880-50 with 8x 45° indexing -,
  • spindle drive power 40 KW
  • 4-sided machining is possible in every clamping;any number of degrees is possible even with inclined planes. Crane capacity: 50t