CAD-CAM programming

In addition to programming on the machines we also have an external programming station for programming of large volume programms. This programming station is crosslinked with all machines so that the programs can be transmitted directly. 

We are using the CAD-CAM software "AlphaCAM". In order to that we can generate CNC programs from your CAD data.

To the website of Licom Systems GmbH, manufacturer of AlphaCAM:

Exchange of data and data types

For easier calculation and to avoid transmission errors we offer electronic data interchange as well to our customers as to our suppliers.

We look forward to receive your drawings coming with inquiries either via mail, fax or email.

Additionally to image files (jpg, tif) also pdf-, dwg- and dxf-files are welcome. To generate CNC programs from your data with our CAD-CAM system we need your drawings as dwg- or dxf-files.

We look forward to receive your inquiries.