Precision and reliability: Dürselen drive systems for paper drills

The drill heads are driven by a splined shaft. This drive guarantees constant power transmission and thus avoids drill bit breakage. The drill heads can be moved and re-positioned on the shaft easily and quickly.

The stroke movement on Dürselen paper drilling machines is done by a motorised precison cam. This feature ensures a constant stroke movement - which is also essential to avoid breaking of drill bits - and the cam reverses the stroke at bottom dead centre precisely.

For economic drilling of low piles the Dürselen paper drills feature the short stroke movement. Instead of returning to the top position the drill beam just leaves the pile and performs the next stroke from this lowered position. Specially when drilling multi-hole patterns for mechanical binding this function increases the output drastically.

Please click here for downloading the general brochure on all Dürselen features and functions.