Close hole spacing, large hole diameters: Multi-spindle and special paper drill heads

Multispindle drill heads are used for ring binder hole patterns with narrow hole spacing such as organisers and aviation maps. With these special drill heads the hole pattern is done quickly and exactly in one operation.

The minimum hole spacing between spindles is 19.05 mm = 3/4" on the Dürselen drill heads. Multi-spindle drill heads are manufactured individually according to the required hole pattern.

Standards are double and triple spindle heads with 19.05 mm = 3/4" distance between spindles. The seven hole pattern for aviation maps can also be done with a Dürselen seven spindle head.

Special heads are additionally offered for applications with oversized hole diameters up to 40 mm / 1 1/2" - depending on hole pattern with one or two spindles.