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Product specification

Using the automated stack packing system VA.02 allows tapping full potential of upstream machines (e.g. perfect binders, saddle stitchers).

With an output of 700 stacks per hour packing system VA.02 offers a permanently available and constant capacity buffer. Production must no longer be reduced because of a manpower bottleneck in packing.

Especially with thick brochures the cartons are full quickly. Then additional workforce is needed if the perfect binder should run at optimum speed.

The workers are released from exhausting packing by hand which is now done automatically and they can be appointed to other jobs.


The feeding units rotate and turn-over the book stack suitable for packing, no matter in which direction the upstream machine delivers it.

In the first step the stack is aligned on all four sides and the bottom part of the telescope carton is drawn over it. After that the now filled bottom part is turned over. In the last step the lid is drawn over the stack in the carton bottom. Now the stack is packed.

Packing system VA.02 offers space for the integration of different marking or labeling systems after the lid is closed.

The delivery can be configured individually, depending on how the cartons are processed afterwards - automatically or by hand.

Formats & output

VA.02 packing system offers high flexibility regarding carton choice and book sizes:


  • Telescope cartons made of chipboard or micro-corrugated board in different grammages
  • Carton heights between 100 and 150 mm allow stack heights between 110 and 220 mm
  • Minimum book size = 210 x 210 mm
  • Maximum book size = 250 x 350 mm
  • Packing of half-sized stacks, e.g. two A5 sized stacks into an A4 carton


Output and features of VA.02 are made to meet the requirements of modern finishing systems:


  • Output up to 700 stacks per hour, depending on material and sizes
  • Carton storage units with a capacity for approximately one hour operating time
  • Automated size changeover of all functions
  • Changeover at the push of a button, just the carton storage units have to be filled manually

Brochure Packing in Telescope Cartons

  • Automated packing of brochure stacks
  • Packing in two part telescope cartons
  • In line solution with modern perfect binders, saddle stitchers and folding machines
  • Continuous automation between binding / stitching / folding and palletizing
  • Output up to 700 stacks per hour
  • Variable stack height up to 220 mm
  • Automated size changeover for carton and brochure format = changeover at the push of a button
  • Variable formats between 210 x 210 mm and 250 x 350 mm
  • Eco-friendly, UV-protected packing in cartons made of chipboard or micro-corrugated board
  • Integrated stack alignment
  • Perpared for integrated marking or Labeling of the cartons
  • Any feeding direction possible: integrated shiftable 90 degrees turning unit


Stack packing system VA.02

Stack packing system VA.02 works in-line with perfect binders or saddle stitchers. Stacks of brochures are packed into two-part telescope boxes with variable brochure sizes between 210 x 210 mm and 250 x 350 mm.